Rural Waste Management

Solid waste management is difficult in many Alaskan communities. Dump sites often fail to contain the waste; they attract wildlife and disease vectors, and threaten the health and safety of local residents and the environment. Trash at these dump sites is often burned on the ground or in crude burn containers in an attempt to reduce volume and solve these problems. Windblown plastic bags find their way into berry patches, lakes, and rivers. Unfortunately, the problems often persist.

Summit has developed a unique product line of waste equipment and management plans that are designed to mitigate these concerns and provide better waste management for rural Alaskans. This full line of equipment includes a solid waste burn box (in five size options), a waste oil storage/transport tank, transportable collection containers, modified tilt trailers for pickups or ATVs, an enclosed waste transfer station, and a honey bucket dump truck. Our services also include on-site set up assistance, safety placards, and local utility crew training.

Summit works cooperatively with federal, state, regional, private and local funding agencies, and with individual villages to obtain funding for burn boxes and related waste equipment. Examples of agencies that have funded the Summit Burn Boxes and equipment in the past include:

Community Development:

Summit participates in the following conferences and events providing development of solid waste management plans, grant writing tips, product presentations, and workshops:

Waste Management Equipment Line

Summit Burn Boxes

Summit developed the SCS Burn Box in response to demands for improved solid waste management in rural Alaska. The burn box significantly reduces high volumes of trash in short periods of time and can prolong a landfill's useful life by up to 80%. Our Burn Boxes maintain higher temperatures than open ground fire burns therefore, smoke emissions and fly ash are reduced and wild fire danger is contained. Currently available in four models:

#2 capacity 7 cubic yards

#4 capacity 20 cubic yards

#7 capacity 30 cubic yards

#10 capacity 40 cubic yards

# 12 capacity of 60 cubic yards designed, but not yet manufactured.

Summit Trash Trailer, Dumpster, and Tipper Can Our trash trailers are all Alaskan Made and are hand operated with a gear reduction hydraulic system, developed exclusively by Summit for Rural Alaska.

The Summit 3.2 cubic yard capacity dumpster trailer system can be operated with a pickup, ATV, or snow machine and is ideal for communities with boardwalks or roads. Both the optional removable and un-removable dumpsters keep trash dry and animals out.

The Summit Tipper Can is operated with the wheel loader and is excellent for rural waste collection and is available in several sizes with a maximum capacity of 4 cubic yards. It includes a hinged lid to keep trash dry and secure from animals and will dump into the Summit Burn Box by simply pulling a lever.

Honey Bucket Dump Truck

The custom-built Honey Bucket Dump Truck enables collection from individual honey buckets into the smaller hopper off the rear of the truck bed. The small hopper is mechanically raised and emptied into the larger wedge-shaped hopper and the contents are then hauled and dumped into a community honey bucket lagoon. This unique dual hopper design eliminates the need for honey buckets to be lifted and dumped above-the-head by the operator.

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Used Oil Tank & Energylogic Waste Oil Heater Burner

Our double wall used oil tank meets UL specifications, is easy to fill, and provides safe storage and transport of used oil. This tank has a capacity of 500 to1000 gallons and can supply fuel to a used oil burner to provide inexpensive heat. It also filters oil and functions as an oil water separator.

Please refer to the Energylogic Website for more information.

Utility and Heavy Equipment

For over 25 years, Summit has supplied quality new and previously owned utility and heavy equipment to village communities throughout Alaska. We can also assist with maintenance kits, spare parts inventory, shipping; and determining the best equipment and value for the community's needs.

Landfill Designs and Management Plans

The Summit conceptual landfill design has been developed for Rural Alaska Burn Box Systems in order to reduce land requirements, increase landfill efficiency and longevity, and help protect the environment.

For more information regarding rural waste management equipment and services, please contact DaWayne Constantine, Rural Waste Management Director, in Summit's Anchorage office at (907) 563-5675.